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GP/GC Sheets

GP/GC Sheets
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We offer a comprehensive range of galvanized coils, galvanized sheets, and galvanized steel coils, hot dip galvanized coils, galvanized steel sheets, plain steel sheets, corrugated steel sheets, which have carved a niche in domestic as well as overseas market. These GP/GC Sheets comes with zinc coating thickness of 120gsm, lending it great durability. It is the roof that has to take the brunt of nature's extremities during its entire life and hence utmost care must be taken in selection of the right roofing material. Wrong choice of roofing and cladding can create losses in terms of human lives and material in cases of natural disasters. A good reliable roof with least number of complications gives peace of mind to meet the challenging needs of the customers. As these sheets are uniformly coated, so corrosion finds no weak spot even when fixing nuts and bolts. And better coating adherence protects the sheets from scratches and other damages.

Galvanized Sheets are used extensively in various applications. Some of the common uses are: -
Agriculture : Grain Silos, Sprayers, Ghamellas, Pans, Feeding Troughs, etc.

Automobile Cars, Busses, Truck Bodies, Undercarriage Work, Air & Oil Filters, Fuel & Oil Tanks, Exhaust Pipes

Construction Roofing, Side Walls, Partitions, Panels, Valley Gutters, Louvers, False Ceilings, Partition Walls and Ducks, Rolling Shutters, Highway Bumpers, Slotted Angles, Paint-Coated Products.

Domestic Trunks, ice Boxes, Household Machines, Tubs, Pails, Buckets, Storage Bins, Water Tanks, Washing Machines, Bathroom Doors, etc.

Electrical Appliances Air-conditioners, Coolers, Refrigerators. Freezers, Electrical Panels, Decorative Lamps

Furniture & Fixtures Desks, Lockers, Racks, Lightweight Chairs, Colour Coating, PVC Coating

Marking of Coils Ducting, Drums/Barrels, Containers, Thermal Cladding, Air-Conditioning Ducts, Railway Coaches and other Applications

Outdoor Sign-boards, Hoardings, Road Sings

Sizes and Grade: All Sizes and Grades available.

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